A great children’s book written to promote a very important hygiene message. ZombieGerm will help kids understand why it is important to wash their hands and how to wash germs away.

ZombieGerm combines an entertaining and light-hearted story that children will love, with a serious message that promotes keeping clean, washing hands and killing germs.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage children to wash their hands, join hygiene hero Seb and dirt fanatic Pands as they go on an adventure that sees Pands almost cause a zombiegerm apocalypse.

The book is now available to purchase from our publisher Highfield Products.

The Story

Dirt fanatic Pands accidentally unleashes a swarm of disgusting zombiegerms and it is up to his hygiene hero brother Seb to stop the slimy monsters from turning Earth into a sea of slime and vomit - but will he be able to stop the zombiegerms and save his brother in time?

Encourage Children to Wash their Hands - A Hygiene Message for Children

Highfield has spent the last 35 years publishing world-leading educational books, specialising in food safety.

It has always been challenging to deliver a message that encourages children to wash their hands. ZombieGerm delivers this message in a fun and interactive way.

Since becoming a father, it has become clear to author Chris Sprenger that one of the best ways to engage with kids, and encourage them to stay clean, is to tell them fun and disgusting stories.

Chris and his wife Becky spent years observing their boys and jotting down notes on how they interacted, and when Chris had enough evidence, he decided it was time to turn their experience into a children's book.

When Chris linked up with writer Ben Major, who has a zombie obsession, and illustrator Chris Woffenden, ZombieGerm was born.

ZombieGerm provides a great story for children and grown-ups, while giving a subtle message that being clean is a pretty good idea.

Readers’ Favourite - 5-Star Review

5-star seal
The author tackles the relevant topic of washing one's hands in a funny and entertaining way which will bring smiles to the faces of young readers. Chris Woffenden’s illustrations make the story funnier and the concept clearer to readers. It is an excellent story for classroom storytelling and read aloud sessions because it will help children realize the importance of washing their hands after using the bathroom, after touching bugs and animals, after picking bogeys, before eating meals, after touching scabs, and after playing in the dirt. Parents and grandparents can use this book for bedtime storytelling because it makes it easier for them to help kids understand why it is important to wash their hands and how to wash germs away.

- Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite, April 2019

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